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Searching for biological relatives; 2023 year in review

Adoptees' experiences

Originally published on April 13.


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Searching for biological relatives. Adoptees' experiences

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"Took a test for fun with my adopted family and found I had a sister and got to meet her!"

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"I had no close matches in 23&Me and tried GEDMatch to get only third or more distant cousins."

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"I haven't bothered trying because it'll probably be a massive use of time, money and energy for nothing."

Slide five:

"Through the government, it was terrible. Through FaceBook, it was quite easy."

Slide six:

"Never tried because it sounds like a lot of work, and what would I do once I found them?"

Slide seven:

"I've only done 23&Me and no luck, but I'm hoping to find other ways to search."

Slide eight:

"Impossible, identity loss."

"Confusing and terrifying."

"Never tried because I'm not sure where I'd start."


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