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Happy National Adoption Awareness month; 2023 year in review

Every November is National Adoption Awareness Month and is a month dedicated to sharing and uplifting adoptees' voices and experiences. Visit the submission form or message @girls.adoption.connect on Instagram to share your story.


I'm proud to be an adoptee because ...

Responses from the adoptee community

Originally published on Nov. 1.


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Slide one: Happy National Adoption Awareness Month! A month to uplift adoptees’ experiences and educate about adoption.

I’m proud to be an adoptee because...

Responses from the adoptee community.

Slide two: I’m proud to be an adoptee because...

  • I’m grateful for my unique story and who I have become as a result of my adoption.

  • I’ve learned that, despite everything, I can still craft an amazing life.

  • I’ve learned to take time and be patient about learning who I am and how family fits into my life.

Slide three: I’m proud to be an adoptee because...

  • I believe it’s given me a greater sense of empathy for others who have gone through trauma.

  • I’ve been able to use the love given to me to help others too.

  • I can share my story and raise awareness for non-traditional families.

Slide four: I’m proud to be an adoptee because...

  • It’s given me a supportive community of adoptees and the opportunity to raise awareness for adoptees’ experiences.

  • I feel like I have a special thing about me to make me proud to be myself.

  • My loved ones are beautiful people, and I feel inspired by those around me.

Slide five: I’m proud to be an adoptee because...

  • I’ve learned to embrace the uniqueness and beauty in my story.

  • I have the ability to learn about and be part of both my family’s culture and my own.

  • It’s taught me that I can overcome hard things and be okay.


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