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Girls Adoption Connect is an online community that connects adoptees through the sharing of adoption stories and thoughts about adoption. All content submissions that have adoption as the central theme are welcome. Through this shared media, the goal is to create an environment where adoptees feel heard, understood and validated. 


Téa Tamburo founded Girls Adoption Connect in 2020 after connecting with the girls she was adopted from Hunan, China with. She mailed letters to the girls in her group, asking to get to know each other after 15 years since their adoption. All having different adoption stories but coming from the same orphanages and city in Hunan, the group exchanged adoption stories and experiences with family. This sharing of stories gave Téa a feeling of belonging and validation, and she wanted to create a space for others to meet adoptees like themselves. With the goal of connecting with the larger adopted community, Téa started Girls Adoption Connect with the support of those from her group as a freshman in high school.

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