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A year in review: 23 posts to recap 2023!

Resurfacing the year's highlights

It's almost 2024! In the past year, Girls Adoption Connect has shared over 30 adoptees' spotlights, eight informative posts about identity and reached over 2,000 members in the adoptee community. This year, community chats were also created. So far these chats connected over 250 adoptees with adoptees from 13 countries and provinces.

Given that 42 pieces have been published in the span of 50 weeks, Girls Adoption Connect will be resurfacing some of the year's highlights here and on Instagram stories. Starting tomorrow, and running through Dec. 31, tune in to revisit some of the highlights from the year!


Some of the pieces that will be resurfacing:

Want to be featured in next year's Year in Review? Visit the submission form to share your story!



[Image description: White background with teal, dusty pink, pale blue and purple snowflakes in the corners. In the center, large text says "2023 year in review." Smaller text above says "Girls Adoption Connect, December 16-31." At the bottom, it says "23 posts to recap 2023. Resurfacing stories from this year! Tune into the website and Instagram stories to follow along!"

Video description: Téa speaks in front of a background of lights. There's a pink Christmas tree next to her.

Video transcript: Happy holidays! From now until the end of the year, Girls Adoption Connect will be recapping the year with 23 posts from 2023. In the past year we have reached over 2,000 adoptees, shared over 30 adoptees' stories and connected hundreds of adoptees through Instagram group chats. I am pleased and proud to share these statistics and am looking forward to seeing what the new year brings. Make sure to tune into Instagram stories and the website to following along in the 23 posts to recap 2023.]


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