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Current effects of the one-child policy

China's shrinking population


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Slide one: China's shrinking population

The one-child policy's current effects. Girls Adoption Connect.

Slide two: What's happening

Chinese officials announced that that country's population declined for the first time in 60 years. China's economy only grew 3% last year, well below their target growth of 5.5%.

Slide three: China's population policy

Since the late 1970s, China maintained a strict one-child policy. In 2016, that policy was changed to allow for two children. Their population policy discouraged having large families and encouraged families to raise only a son.

Slide four: policy's current impact (part 1)

China is facing a shortage of young people and people in the work force. Simultaneously, a large portion of the population consists of senior citizens.

Slide five: policy's current impact (part 2)

Population mitigation strategies slowed population growth to an extreme. Created a gender imbalance of girls to boys ratio. Instilled a mindset that smaller families are better, so growing the population will also require a mindset shift.

Slide six: sources

Stevenson, Alexandra; Wang, Zixu. "China’s Population Falls, Heralding a Demographic Crisis." The New York Times. Jan 16, 2023.

Wee, Sui-Lee. "China Says it will Allow Couples to Have 3 Children, Up From 2." The New York Times. May 31, 2021.


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