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The Founding of "Asian American"

The term ‘Asian American’ was created to bring together all Asian ethnicities under one umbrella term. University of California Berkley students Emma Gee and Yuji Ichioka needed a name for a student organization aimed to increase the visibility of activists of Asian decent. The organization was called Asian American Political Alliance, and was founded in 1968. Before this, those of Asian decent would often refer to themselves using terms such as Chinese American or Japanese American, never using a term that united all Asian ethnicities. Not only did the term ‘Asian American’ revolutionize the way those of Asian decent refer to their ethnic backgrounds, it also played a role in uniting activists in the fight for greater equality.

Additional information:

“After 50 years of 'Asian American,' advocates say the term is 'more essential than ever’”.

“In 1968, These Activists Coined the Term 'Asian American'—And Helped Shape Decades of Advocacy”.


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