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China's Move to Allow Married Couples Three Children

End of China's Two-Child Policy

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Slide 1:

Title: "China to Allow Couples Three Children" written in large typewriter letters.

Slide 2:

Titled "What's changing." Smaller text below: "On May 31, China said it would allow all married couples to have three children, ending the two-child policy that was introduced in 2016."

Slide 3:

Titled "Why?" Smaller text below: "Births in China have fallen for four consecutive years and reached its lowest since the Mao era. This jeopardizes the country's future."

Slide 4:

Titled "Other Changes." Smaller text below: "The party pledged to improve more benefits, such as maternity leave. They also said they would increase funding to expand services to the country's retirees."

Slide 5:

Titled "Thoughts?" Smaller text below: "We'd love to hear your thoughts on this major change! Feel free to message us about it."



Sui-Lee Wee. "China Says It Will Allow Couples to Have 3 Children, Up From 2." New York Times. May 31, 2021.


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