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Affirmative action: What's the significance about the Supreme Court's ruling?

From Asian adoptees


Slide text:

Slide one: What's significant about the Supreme Court's ruling on affirmative action? From Asian adoptees.

Slide two: Defining Affirmative Action

It's an effort made by colleges and universities to diversify their classes by factoring racial identity into their admissions decisions.

  • Schools used affirmative action to admit a more racially diverse student body (statistically, mostly Black and Latinx students).

  • Their goal was to give historically disadvantaged identities opportunities to obtain higher education

Slide three: What recently happened

On June 29, the Supreme Court voted 6-3 that race can no longer be a factor in college and university admissions.

  • Because selective schools have limited availability, Asian students alleged that they were denied admission because of their race

    • They claimed Harvard and the University of North Carolina capped the number of Asian students they would admit

  • The Supreme Court voted that race-conscious admissions violate the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment

Slide four: By the numbers

Percent of the following categories who say race should be a major, minor or not a factor in admissions. Data source: Pew Research Center.

  • Total: Major, 7%; Minor,19%, Not, 74%

  • White: Major: 4%, Minor, 17%, Not, 79%

  • Black: Major, 15%, Minor, 24%, Not, 59%

  • Hispanic: Major: 12%, Minor, 19%, Not, 68%

  • Asian: Major: 10%, Minor, 27%, Not, 63%

Slide five: Asian adoptees responses

  • "Appalling! I'm sick of seeing diasporic Asians being pawns in white supremacy."

  • "There would be a lot more space for deserving students if legacies and children of donors weren't considered 'special.'"

  • "Asian Americans are being used to justify it when it's hurting everyone, including us."

Slide six: Asian adoptees responses

  • "It puts white and Asian people on one side vs. all other people of color."

  • "I think it will be interesting with Caucasian parents adopting Asian children."

  • "East Asians and Indians are being used as pawns to destroy a system that has helped many people."

Slide seven: Asian adoptees responses

  • "It's another example of Asian people being painted as the antagonist."

  • "Continuing to give advantages to legacies. Terrible"

  • "It makes Asian people look apathetic to the needs of Black and brown people."

Slide eight: Sources

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