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Adoptee Spotlight: Paula Ju

Huazhou, Guangdong --> Spain

My name is Paula Ju, and I'm living in Spain and am 17. My name in China was "Ji Miao Ju:" "Ji," for the orphanage, "Miao," for the year and "Ju" as my original name. I was born on the February 16 in Huazhou, Guangdong and my biological family left me on February 20 in a crowded zone, wrapped in a red towel. I arrived at the Huazhou Welfare Institute, and in 2005, a Spanish family adopted me.

Since I came to Spain, I have felt very loved. In fact, I have grown up knowing that I was adopted; my mum made a great video when she traveled to China to pick me up. As for my friends, sometimes, when I was a child, they laughed at me. However those who are really my friends now have always loved me as I am. I also have friends that were also adopted, some being from the same orphanage.

Currently, I enjoy doing rhythmic gymnastics and am excited to embark on the journey of connecting with adoptees. Right now, I think it is too much (both emotionally and financially), to take a DNA test, but I plan to do one to try and find any biological relatives. Until then, I only use social networks to connect with fellow adoptees.


ID: White background with a collage of three photos. Larger photo is of Paula laughing in front of a large building. The other two are of her as a baby. Pink box in the left reads "Paula Ju," and has a decorative underline under the text. Dusty pink decorative lines are in the corners.


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