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Adoptee spotlight: Jada Bromberg

Jiangxi, China --> Virginia

Hi, I’m Jada, and I’m a mental health and adoptee advocate. I am 19 years old, and I was born in Ruijin, China in the Jiangxi province. I was adopted when I was 13 months old, and I grew up in northern Virginia. In middle school, I began struggling with major depression and anxiety. I didn’t understand the cause of my feelings until I was about halfway through high school. Until then, I didn’t accept the fact that I have trauma from being relinquished by my birth parents. Although I was fortunate to grow up in a diverse area, school felt very dominated by stereotypes. I didn’t have an interest being involved in the Chinese Student Association because I didn’t feel like I fit in as an adoptee.

"Sharing my experiences with others has helped me process my struggles."

In the past couple of years, I have participated in adoption organizations to meet other adoptees. Last November, I wrote an op-ed for National Adoption Month, which was published in USA TODAY. In February 2022, I was in an article by The Washington Post, which featured adoptees celebrating the Lunar New Year. Sharing my experiences with others has helped me process my struggles. While in my first semester of college, I have become heavily involved in the Asian Student Association. Although I was hesitant at first, the community has already helped me form strong connections, which helped me adjust to being away at school. I’m currently a freshman at Temple University and am studying communications.



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