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Adoptee spotlight: Grace Forsberg

Sichuan, China --> Georgia, United States

Hello everyone! My name is Grace Forsberg, and I was born in the province of Sichuan. It's estimated that I was born on Nov. 7, 2001. When I was one-year-old, I was abandoned on the street until the police officers discovered and arranged me in an orphanage in Shanghai. In 2004, my parents flew from America to China to adopt me. I was raised in Georgia by a family of nine (two parents and six siblings) for nearly 19 years.

I grew up in a diverse area but quickly accepted being Chinese in a diverse society. Throughout my life, I never experienced discrimination or harassment for my nationality. However, I was struggling in middle and high school due to coping with my deafness, rather than being Chinese. Being deaf is a reason why my biological parents abandoned me. It is understandable that they could not provide for my needs, such as surgeries, cochlear implants, oral therapy and education. Today, I am content after being raised well by my beloved American family, who provided all my needs, support and unconditional love.

"Today, I am content after being raised well by my beloved American family, who provided all my needs, support and unconditional love."

In middle school, my mother finally revealed to me a letter written by my biological parents, who named me Ling Ling when I was born. This letter has emotionally and mentally impacted my life, and I will never forget it for the rest of my life. Therefore, I comprehend how my biological parents were struggling and couldn’t provide care for me because of my incurable deafness. I learned that they will never forget me, according to the letter.

In the future, I would love to return to China to visit my orphanage in Shanghai and Sichuan to learn about my birthplace and Chinese culture. I am still a part of the Forsberg family, who raised me in a healthy lifestyle from childhood to adulthood. Someday, I would like to search for my biological family to tell them that I forgive them for abandoning me and that I am living well and healthy. I am a student at Liberty University pursuing a graphic design degree. In my leisure time, I adore traveling, hiking, reading books, involving in art activities, and socializing with my close friends and family. I am blessed to be a deaf Chinese adoptee.



[Description: On a white background, there are three photos of Grace. On the left is a large photo of Grace in her car, taken as a selfie. In the center is a small photo of Grace as a small child, and, on the right, is a larger photo of Grace as a child in the grass with a tree behind her. Large text at the bottom says "Grace Forsberg." In the corners are pink and coral decorative wavy lines.]


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