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Adoptee Spotlight: Amy Smith

Hefei, China --> Ontario, Canada

Hey everyone! I'm Amy Smith.I was born in Hefei, China in 2000 and was left at the doorstop of the Hefei Welfare Institute.

My strong single mom adopted me in 2001 when I was12 months old. She adopted my little sister and I through Children’s Bridge! I was group 92 (groups 90,91,92 travelled together). I used to see my adoption group every year but lost touch about 10 years ago!

Now, I play competitive hockey and soccer and love sports! I’m currently 21 years old and live in Ontario, Canada. I attend Western University and am studying business and French.



[Description: Coral pink background with white and gray circles. A large photo of Amy is in the centre and cursive text below says “Amy Smith.“]


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