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2020 Recap. An Introduction to Youxian Social Welfare Institute

Originally published August 13, 2020

Youxian Social Welfare Institution was built from 1990-1991 and ranks second amongst welfare institutions of Hunan province. It covers an area of 13,300 square meters and its structure area is 4299 square meters. The total investment of this orphanage is RMB 3,500,000. At present there are 32 staff workers (including nannies), 56 senior citizens, 52 abandoned babies and 3 orphans as well. 

Youxian SWI is located at LongXingXiang, north east of YouXian County. On the east side, it looks out on Mi Shui River. With mountains and rivers around, it’s located in a very beautiful and peaceful environment, and the transportation to Youxian SWI is very convenient. The main building is a compound with houses around a square courtyard. The construction of this building has not only a unique style but also has an air of great antiquity. It is a very modernized building too. There are eight different departments in the orphanage that are listed as follows: Administrative Office, Senior Citizens' Dormitory, Apartment House of Senior Citizens, Rear Service Section, Baby Section and Clinic, Recovery Room, as well as an amusement room. 

The distance between Youxian SWI to Changsha is 190km, and 130km from Zhuzhou. It’s 80km to YangDi Temple (Yan Di was said to be the creator of Chinese nationality) and 180km to Jingang Mountain (Jingang Mountain is a revolutionary commemorative resort and a well-known tourism spot domestically). Inside Youxian County there are also many amazing scenery such as Turtle Peak, TongRen Toaist Temple, Yangsheng Taoist Temple, Baoning Buddhism Temple, the Fairy Bridge, the Pijia Cave and the tourism district based on the Jiupu River Reservoir. 

The population of Youxian County is about 750,000, and the main mineral resources are coal, iron and uranium. The main productions of agriculture are ginger, chili and raising the domestic fowl duck. The handcrafted articles made from this county, such as Santa Clouse and earthen figures are exported to the U.S., Britain and other countries.


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