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New! Connect with the pop culture from where you were adopted

Introducing Current Culture Connections

White background with a pale pink box in the center. Small text says "Introducing..." Large text says "Current Culture Connections." Text under that says "Share popular media of where you're adopted from to help fellow adoptees to connect with the current culture of their birth country!" Small text says "View the resource and contribute."

You're invited to share media (music, movies, TV shows, books, etc) from the region you're adopted from to help make it easier for fellow adoptees to connect with the pop culture of their birth country!

  • View the media spreadsheet: HERE

  • Contribute media: HERE

If you don't see a tab for your region of adoption, email so one can be created.

As a Chinese adoptee living in the United States, I struggled to start finding current Chinese music and shows that appealed to my generation. I'm starting these lists to help make connecting to the current culture of our birth countries more easily accessible. Currently there are lists for Chinese and Korean media which will be updated as you submit your suggestions. — Téa Tamburo


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