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Cheers to 2023!

Happy New Year from Girls Adoption Connect!

The last year has been surreal, for I've had the great privilege of connecting with so many in the adoptee community. Hosting a space to amplify our voices has been rewarding on so many levels. When I started this space in 2020, I didn't imagine it would become what it is today. To everyone who's supported it along the way, thank you for the opportunity to share my story as an adoptee and for the privilege of amplifying and advocating for adoptees' voices over the past two and a half years. As we move forward into the new year, more adoptees' spotlights and adoption content will be forthcoming. Cheers to 2023!


Téa Tamburo, Girls Adoption Connect founder



[Description: A white background with a large beige box with a pink border. Inside the box is large text that says "2022, Cheers to the new year, love Girls Adoption Connect." There are small white and dusty pink stars scattered around the text.]


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