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Ukrainian adoption during Russia's invasion

An overview...



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An overview of Ukrainian adoption during Russia's invasion

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Prior to the war with Russia, couples from the United States could internationally adopt, following most of the same procedures as they would with most international adoptions.

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Families who were in the process of adopting when Russia invaded are unable to complete the adoption process. Many orphanages have evacuated to neighbouring countries but cannot access a Ukrainian judge to legalize the adoption. Children cannot obtain a United States immigrant visa without legalized adoption.

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Now, the only way for Ukrainian adoptees to come to the United States is for the U.S.'s federal government to allow the children into the country.

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As the war broke out within the past few months, the United States government hasn't released anything regarding families and children midway through the adoption and immigration process.

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Some organisations currently helping children in Ukraine:

UNICEF USA, Save the Children, SOS Children's Villages, Doctors Without Borders, International Committee of the Red Cross, United Nations Refugee Agency


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