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International Women's Day 2024

Why are you proud of being an adopted woman?

For many of us, being adopted and a woman are so closely interwoven. Because of China's One-Child Policy, girls were disproportionally placed at orphanages — I was one of those girls. I think often about how being a woman has shaped and continues to shape my life. This International Women's Day, I'm so grateful to share the pride-points of our community members' intersectional identities.

— Téa Tamburo, Girls Adoption Connect founder


Slide text:

Slide one: International Women's Day. Why are you proud of being an adopted woman? March 8, 2024.

Slide two: Why are you proud of being an adopted woman?

  • “I’m proud of the deep and strong emotional connection I have with the other women in my life.” 

  • “I feel empowered by my gratitude for my life experiences since my adoption.”

  • “My journey so far. Some days are harder than others, but I am proud that I endure.”

  • “Our determination to thrive anywhere no matter the circumstances.”

Slide three:

  • “My resilience and adaptability.”

  • “Empathy I have for others.”

  • “Being able to share my own perspective and hopefully help to destigmatize adoption.”

  • “That I have a unique story.” 

  • "Being able to code switch as a female transracial adoptee in mostly white or male spaces.”

Slide four:

  • “We’re unbelievably strong.”

  • “Embracing being different. I wouldn’t want to change a thing.”

  • “I’m proud of how my family chose to invite someone into their family with open arms.”

  • “Having a supportive community of female adoptees.”


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