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I want to ask my birth family... 2022 year in review

Questions adoptees have for their birth families


Post text:

Slide one: I want to ask my birth family...

Slide two:

Why did you leave me? Did you keep any of your children? Are you proud of who I've become? Do you still think of me?

Slide three:

What were you going to name me? Did you have a name for me? Do I have biological siblings? Was the decision to put me up for adoption hard for you?

Slide four:

Do you look like me? Do you regret your decision? What's my family medical history? Have you tried to look for me?

Slide five:

What is your side of my adoption story? What's my time of birth? What's my real birthday? Did you want to keep me?

Slide six:

Did you want a daughter? Do you miss me? What are you doing now? Do you want to know me?


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